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SHAME on YOU, City Council.

Reversing the Public Works Commission to allow City Council candidate Alicia Kuhl to park her RV and live on Olive Street, the City Council voted 6-1 to force her to move.

Candidate Alicia Kuhl is homeless. She lives with her three children and disabled partner in an RV parked, for two years now, on Olive Street where there are NO residences. There is no possible harm being done to anyone and the spot is safe and stable. In a recent meeting with the Public Works Commission, the decision was made to NOT label this particular strip of Olive Street residential and allowing Alicia and her family to stay.

In spite of the Public Works Commission's decision, and in the midst of an unprecedented and dangerous pandemic, not to mention Alicia's campaigning, her job and raising her three children, the City Council, in a stunning act of cruelty voted to prevent RVs from parking on Olive Street. She an her family will be forced to leave their spot of two years, where there are no residences. The hate towards the homeless community is so strong that we must trust that one homeless person on City Council can only alleviate the seriousness of the problem. The best thing you can do to help people like Alicia and her family, and others in her dire situation, is to vote for Alicia in November. Make Alicia part of the solution.

Thank you also, Sandy Brown, for your consistent and lonely fight for empathy and justice.

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