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Something is Rotten in The City of Santa Cruz

By Ann Simonton

On May 2nd 2022 I went to a public meeting of Santa Cruz Together to see what was up. There I found 4 current council members together (potential Brown Act violation) I saw Shebreh openly campaigning for 3rd District Supervisor as she was illegally attempting to avoid laws that establish campaign contribution limits for those who run for the Board of Supervisors. Kalantari-Johnson did so by illegally attempting to coordinate her campaign with groups and persons who might not face campaign contribution limits when they make truly “independent” expenditures. I am also asking our District Attorney’s office to investigate a possible violations of campaign finance laws and/or state laws relating to election campaigns. Santa Cruz Together is a political group, based in the City of Santa Cruz. I had my phone with me so I recorded the meeting, in case I couldn’t remember specific details. Available here. We need more transparency in our city council elections and we adamantly support NO on measure E as the council is shoving this measure down voter’s throats on the June Ballot, without ample time to understand and discuss the vast changes it will create in how we elect our representatives. Ann Simonton email:

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Notable Moments at Meeting

Santa Cruz Together May 2nd 2022 Stockwell Cellars

  1. 2:07-2:12: Lynn Renshaw says Cummings is Shebreh’s opponent and to TAKE NOTE.

  2. 2:50-3:14: Renshaw says we’ve created a path to elect great people and support important work.

  3. 4:41-5:40: We help them run campaigns and local measures like Yes on E

  4. 16:13-16:30: Donna Meyers names who is present

  5. 23:33-24:07: Shebreh Kalantari-Johnson names who is present

  6. 31:54-32:30: Peter Cook looking for SC council members to run and prepares followers to take down Empty Home Tax with robust data.

  7. 33:00: Cook admits that they made 3500 signs against rent control Measure M more than any other campaign.

  8. 34:02-35:52: Cook names all those who work for SC together and who are present at this celebration.

  9. 36:20-40:33: Lynn Renshaw mentions Golder and Watkins who are present. She open says they need 15K for 2 mailers to promote Shebreh and Yes on E. Candidates win through mailers and those with the most mailers WIN. She says they have a 10 K matching grant and opens the invitation and call for money by saying she is giving $500.00 to kick things off. We are a PAC Network with no limit for donations. Take a Shebreh yard sign and vote for Shebreh and Yes on E.

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